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Duties Of Assistant Registrar In High Court feodfynn




, etc. All these will be in great demand, and can easily be procured, both in Oirat and Russian. There are just too many Russian officers who are stationed here, and make their living out of English and German, whom they deal in, that the farmers will pay handsomely for their services, and would not hesitate to employ them. > It was certainly a major development, the ultimate aim being that of identifying themselves with the European revolution. They were thrilled by the success of their 1905 uprising. The outcome of the revolution was not seen as a negative as Lenin and his Bolsheviks believed that Russia's future lay in the revolutionary path and that the result of the revolution in Russia would be the liberation of the workers of Europe from the grip of imperialism. > > The Volga Germans were experienced in Bolshevik politics and in the period of 1905–1917, they struggled to be included as a part of the struggle for socialism and to get their rights recognized. They did not attempt to attract the attention of the government or the Bolsheviks as a body. Instead, they had adopted an individual strategy to win the support of the Russian government and the people of the region and to raise their concerns. They had two aims in mind: first, to allow them to work and earn an income, and second, to ensure their own nationality rights were recognized. > They carried out their own organization of trade unions and sent delegates to the various trades councils. In the summer of 1917, they established a secret organization, which worked among the peasants to gain their support and sympathy for the revolution. However, they also organized themselves to fight against the Bolsheviks who were attempting to crush the movement. They resented the Bolsheviks' methods of suppressing the unrest. The Oirat Youth Movement was committed to helping the Volga Germans by introducing them to the ideals of the revolution and to building a brotherhood between themselves and other nationalities in the region. > The Volga Germans [were] bitterly disappointed and angered at the repressions and hardship that they had suffered. The destruction of their villages and the deportations were distressing. The Russians had taken their homes and forced them to live in terrible conditions. They demanded that the representatives of the Russian government and the Volga Germans should be granted equal rights in Russia. > After the March 1917 revolution, the peasant masses of the region rallied behind the Bolsheviks in their attempt to destroy the influence of the





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Duties Of Assistant Registrar In High Court feodfynn

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